1. What’s a Zócalo?

Zócalo is a Spanish and Mexican word that refers to town squares or other areas where communities and friends gather. While most towns throughout Mexico have a zócalo, the most famous (and largest) is in Mexico City.

2. Why rent Casa Zócalo instead of staying in a luxury hotel in San Miguel de Allende?

For a similar price, you and family and friends can enjoy the privacy, extra room and convenience of your own home. Casa de Sierra Nevada, one of San Miguel’s premier hotels, is located less than a block away from Casa Zócalo.

3. Is “Casa Zócalo” kid friendly?

Yes. The owners of Casa Zócalo have three school age children and welcome well-behaved children and their families to enjoy this very special place.

4. Is the pool heated?

Yes. The pool, which ranges in depth from three to eight feet, is heated. Extra charges apply during winter months if the pool is heated.

5. Is maid service available?

Yes. Maid service is provided every day except Sunday. On-site staff includes a full-time maid and gardener. A chef is also available for an additional fee.

6. What attractions are nearby?

San Miguel offers art and Spanish classes, hiking, biking, horseback riding, hot springs, tennis, golf, historical tours, cultural tours, culinary classes, art museums, music and shopping.

7. What is the nearest airport?

The easiest airport to fly into is Leon/Guanajuato (BJX). The Mexico City Airport (MEX) is also quite convenient.

8. Transportation?

You don’t need a car in San Miguel – however Casa Zócalo does have a private garage. From the airport, the best shuttle service is Viajes San Miguel (www.viajessanmiguel.com) which offers a fixed rate fare (best for individuals or couples). For families or larger groups, you may want to contact Julian Cartas at j_cartas@yahoo.com.

9. Can you drink the water in the house?

The house has its own water purification system which means that you may drink the water from the taps, refrigerator and any sink.

10. What is the weather like in San Miguel de Allende?

The weather is warm nearly year-round with the chilliest months in December, January and February. The average yearly temperature is 71 degrees.

11. Is American currency accepted in SMA?

The national currency in Mexico and therefore in San Miguel de Allende is the peso. While a few hotels and tourism providers may accept dollars, most take only pesos.

12. Do we need to bring beach towels for the pool?

No. Beach towels are provided.

13. Is internet access and phone service available at the house?

Yes. A Vonage phone system is available for no-charge calls to the U.S. Local phone service is also available. Wireless internet access is available in certain rooms of the home.